Baby FX - Last Coat - Medium 20ml

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Baby FX - Last Coat allows you to bring in an element of texture. If you wish to put a little texture on the forehead, nose or create some rough dry looking skin this is what you should use. Baby FX - Last Coast is a high viscosity medium/varnish it is not designed to be used all over the surface. Last Coat should only be used as a spot fix varnish for extremly shiny spots if you need it. The Baby FX paints are designed to be completely matt however, some vinyls can be shinier than others.  

To apply you simply stipple on to your doll piece to create texture. To remove shine, apply with a paint brush and then press into the surface with a cosmetic sponge to smooth it out. This product takes a very long time to dry completely and therefore should only be used if required. The complete drying time for this product can be at least 72 hours. You can mix this product with water however, it will take longer to dry and it will reduce the effectiveness of the matt it adds to your doll. Baby FX - Last Coat can be used with both air drying paints and over Genesis paints.

As with all mediums, it is best to do a test piece first.


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