~NEW~ Baby FX Powders™ - Berry Dark Blush

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Colour - Berry Dark Blush
Use - Used to apply blushing on ethnic and newborn baby dolls, also great for cool skin tones. This colour is great for a more intense and quick build up of colour.

Baby FX Powders™ are especially designed to make detailing your reborn doll easier, quicker and even more realistic. Once your skin tone has been created you are ready to use the Baby FX Powders, detailing has never been so fun! All of the Baby FX Powders™ colours are unique to Baby FX and were developed by colour matching from photos of real babies and infants. The Baby FX Powders™ will allow you to freely smudge and blend the colours over the surface, giving you plenty of time to get your detailing just right before sealing them in place. The formula for the Baby FX Powders was developed with carefully calculated concentrations of high quality semi transparent and opaque light fast pigments with considerations for both hue and intensity. This colour smart technology helps the artist to create layers that look more natural and realistic as now the artist can use custom made true to life colours that are specifically designed for each detail. You can use the Baby FX Powders™ for any details you feel necessary. The Baby FX Powder colours can be used for creating reborn baby dolls with Baby FX air dry paints or heat set paints. Blushing, shading and creases are made easy using the Baby FX Powders™. You can even use them to create highlighting, contouring, and to neutralise. Once you are happy with the placement of your details you can simply seal in place with the Baby FX - Sure Bond medium and it becomes completely permanent.

When it comes to creating true to life details, Baby FX enjoys teaching artists how to carefully use the intensity of a colour as well as a variety of different hues in both opaque and transparent forms to achieve realism. Both light and shadow exist in a three dimensional object, a doll kit is a three dimensional object and will naturally contain light and shadow before details are even placed. In the case of realism a photo can capture much more detail than the human eye, so it is with this fact that Baby FX employs the theory that light and shadow can be lightly added to create more realism on a doll kit. We also introduce doll artists to the concept of highlighting and contouring features on a doll kit in efforts to manipulate the shapes and features found in a three dimensional object such as a doll kit. Doll kits will vary and can look very different in person so the idea behind manipulating the features can prove very useful to an artist when a more desirable lip or eye shape is needed to suit the artists expectations. This information is explained and demonstrated within the Baby FX - Advanced Skin Tones Painting Set that contains 6 pages of information and instructions on painting a variety of different skin tones along with highlighting, shading and contouring using the Baby FX Air Dry Paints. Highlighting, shading and contouring explained in the Advanced Skin Tones paint set can also be achieved using the Baby FX Powders™. see below to find out what colours can be used to replace the air dry paint versions.

Shading Colours
Air Dry Paint - Olive Shading = Baby FX Powder - Viridian Shader
Air Dry Paint - Purple Shading = Baby FX Powder - Clever Creases

Contouring Colours
Air Dry Paint - Neutral Grey = Baby FX Powder - Lost Light

Highlighting Colours
Air Dry Paint - Bright & Creamy = Baby FX Powder - Heavenly White or Flesh Pop

Neutralising Baby FX Powder Colours
Remove Orange = Baby FX Powders - Soft Skin
Remove Blue = Baby FX Powders - Peach Cheeks
Remove Yellow = Baby FX Powders - Purple Shades
Remove Purple = Baby FX Powders - Warming Touch
Remove Green = Baby FX Powders - Blush Pop
Remove Red = Baby FX - Sweet Mint

This individual Baby FX Powder colour is in a 26mm round tin that will fit into the Baby FX Powders magnetic case. If you are interested in knowing more about using the Baby FX Powders you can purchase the Baby FX Powders Set, included are step by step instructions on how to best use this product.

Please Note : The Baby FX Powders are not designed to stain the surface, using eye shadows/cosmetics or just pure pigments can stain the vinyl forever and this is not what we deem as a desirable method. The process for creating details using the Baby FX Powders gives the artist more foresight as the artist can clearly see the progression and outcome of the colour. We believe this makes the Baby FX Powders a more forgiving and easier method to use. The Baby FX Powders are a very specialised product made for the reborn doll industry. We can not recommend using any form of eye shadows in the creation of your baby dolls as we have found the ingredients within eye shadows or cosmetics are not designed for making reborn dolls and are not professionally tested to be compatible with doll paints.


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